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The Gates panel manages the gates which control the IndustraForm’s state. States are displayed at the top of an IndustraForm and can be configured to change as sections in the IndustraForm are completed. Gates define when the IndustraForm’s state changes.

Gates can also be used to configure more complex workflows than permitted by the Enabled options for a section. Gates can only be applied to sections (in other words, they cannot be applied to subsections).

Gates require a submit button on their sections to register the section’s completion. In other words, the No Submit Button checkbox shouldn’t be selected for a section with a configured gate.

Name – The IndustraForm’s state when the gate is activated (entry gate) or submitted (submission or final gate).

Condition – Allows you to set a condition for when the gate should take effect and for IndustraForm’s state to change. This must be a formula that resolves to True. The condition defaults to True when no condition is configured.

Handover – When this button is selected, a new shift report entry is created for the next shift when the section with this gate is submitted. This feature is only available for shift report templates.

To configure a gate on a section:

  1. Select the section in the section box at the top of the Sections tab.

  2. Select the gate type you want.

  3. Edit the gate's Name (the IndustraForm's state) and Condition as required.