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We are going to start by adding a little bit of content to our Unit 1 IndustraForm.

In the diagram above, you can see a screenshot of an IndustraForm design, together with a screenshot of the same form in the Test Form window. Overlayed on some of the elements in the form design screenshot, are snippets of configuration from the Properties panel for those elements. The diagrams in this tutorial will generally follow that pattern.

There is a Rich Text UnitSummary element, together with a set of Target and Value elements. These are all numbers. Finally, each Target has a Type element that is a Choice (More Than, Less Than, or Equals).

Now you can test out this form in the Handover application, by completing a number of handovers for Unit 1. What you will see is that, by default, all of the values that are filled out in the IndustraForm for the shift are carried over to the next shift.

Element values will not be carried over if:

  • The value Source is an expression, or Process Data;

  • The element is a chart or sparkline;

  • The element is linked to a logbook field;

  • The type has changed so that it is no longer compatible with the previous form.

There are some helpful shortcuts in the Right-Click menu of the Handover entry in the IndustraForm Designer. For example, View Current Handover will open the currently open handover entry. View Handover Configuration will show the configuration screen, that also has a button to Force Expire a handover. This can be make your testing process faster, especially if your Handover IndustraForm takes some time to complete.