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An IndustraForm can be configured to write Process Data back to a Datasource based on certain events. The following events are supported:

  • On Form Completion

  • On Section Completion

  • On Section Submission

While the Property tab is open, select the desired cell for the data transfer then enter the tag details into the Write to Tag field under the Value section on the Property tab. The selected cell can be a text, number or selection type.

Beneath the Write to Tag field is the At Timestamp field. This field will determine the tag’s timestamp. The following are the timestamp options:

  • Modification Time: The time the value is changed in the IndustraForm field. This is the default timestamp option.

  • Write-Trigger Time: The time the value’s section is submitted.

  • Calculated Time: The time is calculated by a formula.

When the Calculated Time timestamp is selected, the Calculated Timestamp field becomes enabled below. This field is used to set a fixed time at which the data is sent to the tag.

The Execute Write field determines whether the data push should happen when the trigger is activated. This field can either be set to Always (default) or Only if Modified.

Write to a tag

Since the trigger is either section or form-based, the type of trigger and Datasource is configured on the Section tab under the Sequence and Repeats section in the Write to Datasource fields.

To set the trigger and datasource, first select the section in which the desired cell is located then select the trigger from the Write to Datasource dropdown and the Datasource from the dropdown directly below.

Configure a Trigger and Datasource

Writing to a Datasource - whether successfully or not - does not affect the workflow of an IndustraForm.