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Chamfers are placed automatically in the model by the rules. Users do not have an option to modify the chamfer selection.

Chamfers are smart occurrences, so the catalog database points to the two-dimensional symbol for the chamfer as well as the C# rules.

Chamfer symbols define the shape of the chamfer. The inputs to the symbol include the model geometry and parameter data. The output is a 2D curve adjusted to the model geometry and parameter data. By default, the chamfer symbol files are delivered to the [SharedContent Folder]\FTLibrary\Chamfer folder.

The C# rules for chamfers consist of the following components:

Root Selector

RootChamferSelectorRule.cs defines two questions.

A - ChamferType is pushed down from the Assembly Connection

B - ChamferWeld is pushed down from the Assembly Connection. The part labeled First will get a weld, the part labeled Second will not.

These answers cannot be changed.

The root selector logic picks a sub selector based on the ChamferType question.

A - Selection


The sub-selector picks a chamfer from the catalog based on the ChamferType and ChamferWeld questions.

A - Selection


The chamferDefinition.cs file creates the physical connection. The file also creates the chamfer object and copies the questions.

A - From chamferDefinition: weld is created as an ItemMember.

B - The item runs a subroutine that copies the questions to the physical connection rules based on the chamfer type.

This file contains subroutines that are called by the definition files. It constructs the physical connection object. For example, it could call the physical connection rules and choose a weld type such as a butt, tee, or lap. It also constructs the chamfer object. The implementation of creating objects is in the ChamferManagedCustomAssemblyDefinitionBase.cs file.

Parameter Rule

This file defines parameter values to be applied to the symbol.


The chamfer reference data is delivered by default to the FT_SRDPlateChamferStyle1.xls and FT_SRDPlateChamferStyle2.xls files in the [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\StructDetail folder. Each worksheet in this file creates a Smart Class. Each row creates a Smart Item.