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12 (2018)

Split profile end cuts are created automatically in the Structural Detailing task. The assembly connection rules choose a different selector for split profiles.

Assembly Connection Rules

The EndToEndWebCutSel is part of the EndCutRules, but it has additional questions that are passed down from the assembly connection rules.

Split at Angle Cases

NoAngle - This is the default case. It places a regular welded end cut on both profiles.


This case is seen in Common.cls as Case 2.


This case places Case2 with only a web cut. It does not place a flange cut.


This case is defined in Common.cls as Case 3.


This case is defined in EndCutsServices.cs as Case 4.


This case is defined in Common.cls as Case 5.

If the flange should be snipped, the web cut needs to avoid cutting the flange in this case.

SplitEndCutTypes Codelist

The codelist is defined in the FT_AllShipCodeListsStructDetails.xls file found in the [Product Folder] \ShipCatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles\StructDetail folder.