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12 (2018)

Reference data loaded as part of Molded Forms is also used by Structural Detailing.

Molded Forms material type and grade are bulkloaded from the [Product Folder]\ShipCatalogData\Bulkload\DataFiles\SM_StructCommon.xls file.

  • The Material tab in this spreadsheet contains a row for each material and grade combination.

  • The Plate Dimensions tab contains the allowed thickness values. Because of this, users cannot key in a thickness value.

  • The MatlThkRange tab contains the allowed thickness range for each material and grade. This restricts the available thickness.

  • The ProfileGroups tab contains a list of material and grade combinations. These combinations are assigned to profile cross section sizes to control material and grade selection.

Molded conventions are bulkloaded from the SRDHierarchy.xls file. This file contains each structural specification. The specification contains the default molded conventions for each plate system type and can have multiple molded conventions.

CenterLine is used for Port Starboard reference, BaseLine for vertical reference, and AP for Forward Aft reference.

Naming categories are bulkloaded from the AllShipCodeLists.xls file. These categories provide user-defined names that are used by the naming rules. These names can also be used by other rules.

Openings, cross sections, and tripping brackets are also included in Molded Forms reference data.