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The following procedures create a standard opening that can be placed from the catalog database.

Copy and Rename an Existing Opening Symbol

  1. If you copy an existing opening and rename it, be sure to delete any existing geometry from the file.

  2. Open the file using the Symbol2D environment

  3. Click Tools > Add-Ins, and display the Opening ribbon bar.

  4. Alternatively, you can start a new symbol and use the Opening template.

Create the Opening Shape

  1. Sketch a new opening using the Line/Arc command.

  2. Make sure that the segments are connected and tangent.

Group the Opening Geometry

  1. Hold the CTRL key, and select the segments in a clockwise sequence.

  2. Click Group.

Constrain the Opening Shape

  1. Create a Construction layer, then place a construction line to control the height of the opening.

  2. To create a new layer, click Tools > Layers, and type a new layer name in the Layer box. Click Enter to create the layer.

  3. Place a height dimension using the construction line and a width dimension. Change the dimension values to verify that they adjust the symbol.

Define the Parameters of the Opening

  1. Open the Symbol Properties dialog box, and click the Parameter tab. Name the height dimension MajorAxis and the width dimension MinorAxis

  2. The parameters must match the names as they are defined in the spreadsheet.

Define the Representation for the Opening

  1. Open the Symbol Representation dialog box, and click Remove to delete old groups. Close the dialog box.

  2. Open the Symbol Representation dialog box again.

  3. Click the Symbol Group.

  4. Select Default from the Name list.

  5. Click Add to create the new named representation.

  6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Save the File

  1. Save the symbol with a .SYM extension.

  2. Before you close the file, check the symbol's timestamp to verify that it was saved. If it was not, click Save As and overwrite the file.

  3. Save the file to the symbol share under the [Reference Data Folder]\CatalogData\Symbols\Openings folder.

Modify the Bulkload Spreadsheet

  1. Modify the opening spreadsheet to add the new opening.

  2. Copy and existing line, and insert it.

  3. Modify the inserted row to point to the new symbol. Be sure that the symbol parameters match the expected names in the spreadsheet.

Bulkload the Symbol

  1. Place an A in the first column to add the new row.

  2. Bulkload in Add mode.