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12 (2018)

Determines free end cut generation on profiles and members in the model.

C# Project: [Programming Resources Folder]\Programming\ExampleCode\StructDetail\CustomAssemblies\EndCuts\EndCuts.csproj

Compiled Rule: [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Bin\StructDetail\CustomAssemblies\Release\EndCuts.dll

Bulkload: FT_SRDFreeEndCuts

The project contains the following selection rules:


The inputs to this root selector rule are the bounded and bounding objects from the model. This selector rule determines the end cut type. This selector rule is associated with the RootFreeEndCuts sheet of the bulkload workbook.

This selector rule provides the EndCutType, FreeEndCutDirectionType, and ApplyChamfer quesitions.

The root selector logic creates a free end cut, which calls the existing web and flange cut rules.


In the member end cut rules, the web cut will make different decisions if the end cut is free.