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12 (2018)

Provides a method to rapidly configure combinations of end cuts, corner features, and physical connections and (to a limited extent) secondary structure, as single assembly connection items that conform to standard drawings. You create these assembly connections using Place Member Assembly Connection at a frame connection. You then place these assembly connections by selecting a SmartItem from the catalog.

For connections between stair, ladder, and rail elements and their supporting structure,Smart 3D places standard assembly connections by default (by-rule).

Standard assembly connection rules are delivered in the C# project [Product Folder]\Programming\ExampleCode\StructDetail\CustomAssemblies\Connections\Connections.csproj. The project is compiled into Collections.dll, delivered in the [Reference Data Product Folder]\SharedContent\Bin\StructDetail\CustomAssemblies\Release folder. The rules are also bulkloaded into the Catalog. For more information, see Bulkload Files.

The following selector class modules are included in the C# project: