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12 (2018)

Defines names for plate parts in the model.

Visual Basic Project: [Programming Resources Folder]\Programming\ExampleCode\StructDetail\Rules\SDNameRules\PlatePartNameRule\SDPlatePartNameRules.vbp

Compiled Rule: [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Bin\StructDetail\Rules\Release\SDPlatePartNameRules.dll

Bulkload: SM_SRDNamingRules.xls

The following selector class module is included in the Visual Basic project:


The inputs are the detailed part to be named, and the parent system of the part. There are no questions for this selector rule.

Plate part naming rules take into account whether or not you are using positional naming. For non-positional naming, use this option to create a name of the following format: <SystemParent>-Category.SequenceNumber where SystemParent is the system parent of the plate, and Category is the type of plate. Available categories include the following:

  • Deck Plate

  • Transverse Bulkhead Plate

  • Longitudinal Bulkhead Plate

  • Hull

  • Collar

  • Bracket

The naming rules add indexing information if necessary to the category field. If you are using workshare location information, that is also added to the category field.

The System Parent field is the system name for root parts. If there are multiple parts with the same system name, the naming rules add a sequencing index number. Standard plate parts use the plate system parent. Collars, smart plates, and plates on the hull shell don't need a system parent.

If you are using positional naming, and there are no children for the part, the default naming rules create a name of the following format: GroupCriteria.SequenceNumber-LocationID.

The LocationID is only used if you are using Global Workshare.

This selector rule is associated with the NamingRules sheet of the bulkload workbook.

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