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It is important to note that Base may correspond to either the Molded or the AntiMolded side of the plate. In other words, while Base and Offset are determined when a plate is created and never change, Molded and AntiMolded sides can change based on modifications to the plate’s thickness direction and offset molded conventions.

When calculating the bevel values, a check must be done to find whether Base is Molded or AntiMolded. This check is done with the help of a StructDetailObjects wrapper called PlatePart.AlternateMoldedSide. The following figure shows the results of the AlternateMoldedSide wrapper class. Two surface normal cases are shown; in the first, the surface normal is pointing up. In the second, the surface normal is pointing down. The MoldedSide is calculated using this surface, the location of the plate with respect to the surface, and the offset of the plate from the surface