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12 (2018)

Compares detailed parts in the model and determines the similarity of port and starboard parts.

Visual Basic Project: [Programming Resources Folder]\Programming\ExampleCode\StructDetail\Rules\SDBoardMgtRules\SDBoardMgtRules.vbp

Compiled Rule: [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Bin\StructDetail\Rules\Release\SDBoardMgtRules.dll

Bulkload: SRDBoardMgtRules.xls

The following selector class module is included in the Visual Basic project:


The inputs are detailed parts to be compared. There are no questions for this selector rule. When the rule is run by using the Board Management Service command in the Structural Detailing task, the following conditions are compared for topological symmetry between opposing port/starboard detailed parts:

  • Plate boundaries and positions

  • Stiffener landing curves, boundaries, positions, and parent system.

  • Seams

  • Openings

  • Sketched features

  • Hole traces

This selector rule is associated with the BoardManagementRules sheet of the bulkload workbook.

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