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12 (2018)

Compares tee weld chamfer thickness with the thickness of the plate on the other side of the connection. If the thickness combination is not correct, the chamfer is recalculated. This manufacturability test is for plate-edge-to-plate-face connections created by assembly connections as the result of a split, and then manually modified.

Visual Basic Project: [Programming Resources Folder]\Programming\ExampleCode\StructDetail\Rules\CheckMfctyTeeWeldChamfer\CheckMfctyTeeWeldChamfer.vbp

Compiled Rule: [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Bin\StructDetail\Rules\Release\CheckMfctyTeeWeldChamfer.dll

Bulkload: SM_ShipCheckMfctyRules.xls

The following selector class modules are included in the Visual Basic project:


The inputs are the two plates and their thicknesses. There are no questions for this selector rule. Performs the check against chamfer parameters in the catalog.


The input is a plate chamfer that is in error. There are no questions for this selector rule. The chamfer is recalculated according to chamfer parameters in the catalog.

This selector rule is associated with the CheckRulesStructDetailing sheet of the bulkload workbook.

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