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The butt weld selection is also driven by customizable user questions and object properties. Additionally, it might need to take into account the presence of a chamfer, as well as any knuckle that creates an angle between the objects.

The questions presented by the delivered butt weld selector are as follows:


The presence of a chamfer, and its location, are noted with this answer. This answer comes from the chamfer rules and is based completely on geometry. You should never change it.


One of the two parts in a butt weld becomes the reference part, and the other part becomes the non-reference part. In the case of a symmetrical bevel, it does not matter which is which. If the bevel is unsymmetrical, you may use this question to flip the bevel to the other part.


Decides whether the parts are welded from the molded side, or the anti-molded side. This information can come from Planning.


Allows you to select CO2, Automatic, and Manual.


Allows you to select Yes or No.

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