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12 (2018)

Physical connections are objects in the 3D model. They are created by an assembly connection or feature, when two logically connected objects are detailed. Physical connections can be children of features such as chamfers, end cuts, slots, collars, or waterstops. They can also be children of the assembly connection itself, providing a weld between two connected plates or profiles.

The physical connection reference data is highly customizable but also complicated. It is very important that physical connection properties and parameters are defined in a way that Structural Manufacturing may use the data. In addition, Drawings and Reports users of the welding symbol properties expect the properties to be defined exactly as specified in this document. To set up the rules successfully, it is important to understand some concepts that are applied.

Due to the complicated process of transferring data between molded forms surfaces, solid structural detailing parts, and manufacturing output, the Physical Connection rules may seem very complex. With an understanding of some general concepts, the rules are much easier to understand.