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FT_Weld Symbol Types

The FTWeldSymbols.vbp creates multiple weld types, each with a different sub-set of the available parameters. The types are:

  • Butt Weld

  • Tee Weld

  • Lap Weld

Most parameter names defined in the symbol cannot be changed. The parameters are passed from Structural Detailing to the Structural Manufacturing and Drawings and Reports tasks. These tasks rely on a particular naming convention. A list of the parameters that may not be changed is given at the beginning of each class file in the Visual Basic symbol project.

Parameter Definition

The parameters that are set by the rules are defined in the FT_weld symbol. Each parameter is declared as an output of the symbol, as shown by the following example in any of the class modules of [Product folder]\StructDetail\Symbols\FT_WeldSymbols\FTWeldSymbols.vbp

New parameters may be added, but the existing names should not be changed. To add a new parameter, use the following steps:

  1. Declare a new INPUT to the symbol:

  2. Increment the parameter count during the Initialization:

  3. Define the properties of the new parameter, such as the type (value or string), Unit Type (distance units or angular units), and any initial values.

  4. Increment the parameters in the definition of the symbol:

  5. Ensure that the parameter value passes a check of valid types. Put the number of the input parameter into the list with the appropriate parameter type:

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