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The IJWeldingSymbol interface defines all of the parameters required for weld symbols used by the Drawings and Reports task. These parameters can be added in the same manner as defined above, but the delivered rules use some utilities to define these values for all types.

  1. Declare a module public variable m_nInputCount to store symbol input count.

  2. Use a dynamic array to hold the symbol input, instead of fixed size.

  3. Fill a temporary array with IJWeldingSymbol attributes by calling GetWeldingSymbolInputsDescription. This should be done before any of the loops are executed to initialize the output array to get the count correct.

  4. Replace the fixed size of the array with the actual size stored in the m_nInputCount variable for use in loops.

  5. Fill in the IJWeldingSymbol information with the data from the array gathered in Step 3. These parameters have to be added after all of the existing parameters have been added because the sequence of the parameters in the symbol must not be changed.

  6. If any new parameters are added to the Weld Symbol after the addition of IJWeldingSymbol parameters, these must be added after the IJWeldingSymbol parameters. You must be sure to increase the total count of inputs to include these. If the IJWeldingSymbol parameters were added using the above code, this could look like the following:

  7. Modify the subroutine ReturnResult to copy the IJWeldingSymbol values to the correct interface. Otherwise, they only appear on the parameter rule interface. This can be done as follows. The new code is highlighted:

  8. Add the IJWeldingSymbol outputs into the parameter validation:

  9. The definition of the utilities GetWeldingSymbolInputsDescription, CopyAttributesToIJWeldingSymbol, and GetAttributesOnIJWeldingSymbol can be found in CommonFunc.bas. They were added to avoid duplication of code in all three FT weld symbols.

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