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Sets options for restoring a previously saved I-Configure XML backup file.

Path to Style backup

Type the full path location and filename of the backup isometric drawing style XML file to be restored.

Replace the existing Style

Deletes the settings of the existing isometric drawing style and replaces with the settings of the backup, creating a new isometric drawing style. This option is not available if an existing style with the same name does not exist on the target machine.

Update the existing Style

Overwrites the existing isometric drawing style settings with the backup data. Isometric drawing styles with the same name are updated. Any settings within the existing style that are not part of the backup are untouched.

Keep backup of the current Style data

Restores the isometric drawing style and simultaneously copies the existing style to a new folder named Style_Backup_n, where Style is the name of the isometric drawing style and n indicates the revision number of the backup, as in Final-Basic_Backup_1, Final-Basic_Backup_2, and so on. This is the default setting.


Restores the isometric drawing style.


Closes the dialog box without restoring the isometric drawing style.