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An isometric project is a collection of isometric drawing styles and associated data that Isogen uses to generate a specific type of drawing.

When you initially create an isometric project, it is application-specific, meaning that it is to be used with a specific isometric drawing generation product. This is because different applications require that different isometric drawing styles to be available, as is determined by the type of isometric drawings and report deliverables that the application produces. For example, Smart Isometrics provides as-designed or as-built piping isometric drawings, while Spoolgen produces isometric drawings that are suitable for pipe fabrication in the shop and spool construction on-site.

Project defaults

In many cases, it is useful to have a common set of standard settings applied to a project that are subsequently applied to each new pipeline. These standard settings are called project defaults and define specific values for the pipeline attributes.

Generally, if project attribute defaults exist, the software uses them. If no defaults exist, the software stores pipeline properties between sessions. For example, if you create one model using units in feet/inches (ft/in), the next time that you create a model, ft/in is the initial setting. However, if the project default units are set to millimeters (mm), the software uses mm units instead. For more information about the project defaults that you can define, see Appendix: Project Defaults.

Project options

In the Options dialog box, you can specify whether the drawing units used for the project are Metric or Imperial. Drawing units affect the text positioning of attributes and dimensional properties. Specify the property value as a real number. For example, if you set drawing units to millimeters, enter 3 or 3.0 for 3mm. If you set the drawing units to inches, enter 0.125 for 1/8 inch.

Using the Options dialog box, you can also control how paths are displayed in the Project View panel for network projects. To use UNC paths, select the Use UNC path when creating network isometrics directories check box. Alternatively, particularly when you set up an isometric project on a network server with long path names that can exceed the current Isogen path length limitation, clear the check box to display the path using a mapped drive.

To access the Options dialog box, click Tools > Options.

Network projects

You can set up an isometric project on a network server so that multiple client computers can concurrently access and share project configurations.

  • For a description of mapped drives and UNC paths for network projects, see Project Options in this topic.

  • For more information about connecting to a network isometric directory and its associated projects, see Connect to an isometric directory.

Access rights

You can control access to any I-Configure project. Access rights can be password protected. The first person to set the access rights is able to set a password to prevent others from modifying it. An isometric project can then be set up so that others can see and use it but cannot save changes to the project or to any of the isometric drawing styles in the project.

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