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When you import an I-Configure project, you must select a Project_Data.xml file. By default, the project settings (project defaults and attributes) and data (all files in the source project folder) are copied to the new isometric project. Optionally, you can suppress the copying of data files, leaving the new isometric project with the identical structure as the old one but empty.

  1. Create a new isometric directory.

  2. Click Tools > Import Project > From File.

    The Import Project dialog box displays.

  3. Click Browse Browse, navigate to the *_Data.xml file for the I-Configure-based project to import, and then click OK.

    The software displays the full path location and XML file name in the Import settings from box.

  4. Type a name for the isometric project in the New project name box.

  5. Do one of the following:

    1. Click OK to accept the defaults.

    2. Select Import Project settings only if only the project settings are to be imported, and then click OK.

      The software copies the isometric project and all associated isometric drawing styles, including any existing drawing and report files and all files in the source project folder, to the new isometric project. If you select Import Project settings only, only the drawing style XML files are imported. Previously generated drawing and report files are not imported.