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  1. In the Project View panel, select the isometric project in which you want to import the isometric drawing style settings.

  2. Click Tools > Import Style > From File.

    The Import Style dialog box displays .

  3. Click Browse , and navigate to the XML file.

    The Select Style Settings to Import dialog box displays.

    If you know the full path location and file name of the style XML file, type it in the Import settings from box instead of using the browse feature

  4. Select the file type, navigate to the file, and then click Open.

  5. In the Import Style dialog box, specify the import options, and then click OK.

    Depending on the status of the styles within the project, do one of the following:

    • If the isometric drawing style being imported does not exist in the isometric project, select Create a new style.

    • If the isometric drawing style already exists within the isometric project but is to be used as a basis for another new drawing style, select Create a new style, and type a name for the new style.

    • If the isometric drawing style already exists in the isometric project, and you want its settings to be overwritten, clear the Clear style first check box, and select Import into the current style.

    • To import into an existing style but clear the contents of the style first, select Import into the current style and Clear style first.

      The software imports the isometric drawing style. You have an opportunity to view a log file created during the import process.

After import, the drawing style becomes available under the isometric project into which it is was imported and is shown in the Project View panel.