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  1. Create a new isometric drawing style using your company-standard backing sheet and settings.

  2. Save the style XML file, and copy it to a folder designated to hold your user-specified templates. For example, you can create a folder called CompanyTemplates or UserTemplates.

    File paths in the project/style hierarchy are automatically converted to use $PROJECT$ or $STYLE$ instead of the actual file path. This means that the style XML files can readily be copied between styles and do not need modification.

  3. Make a copy of the ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file and save it as UserProjectConfig_<application name>.xml.

    Never modify the ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file directly

  4. Using the steps below, modify the UserProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file to reference your new template.

    1. Immediately after the <AppSpecificProjectConfiguration> tag, create additional CreateFolder and/or CopyFile commands to create and populate new folders in the project folder.

      <AppSpecificProjectConfiguration Source="Alias">

      <!-- Do the following for all projects -->

      <CopyFile From="$APPCONFIG$\Application Data\ProjectPipeline.xml" To="$PROJECT$\"/>

      <!-- Create the Smart Isometrics required folders under the project -->
      <CreateFolder Name="$PROJECT$\Inputs"/>
      <CreateFolder Name="$PROJECT$\Pipes"/>
      <CreateFolder Name="$PROJECT$\Data"/>
      <CreateFolder Name="$PROJECT$\Data\Materials"/>
      <CreateFolder Name="$PROJECT$\Data\Sketches"/>

    2. Between the <Optional-Styles> and </Optional-Styles> tags, delete existing <Style> blocks to reduce the number of styles that are available when a project is created, and add new entries, pointing to your company-specific template.

      <Style Name="CoSpecific" Template="\\server\CompanyTemplates\CoSpecific.xml" >
      <CopyFile From="\\server\CompanyTemplates\CoSpecific.dwg" To="$STYLE$\" />
      <!-- Create standard Style directories -->
      <CreateFolder Name="$STYLE$\Drawings"/>
      <CreateFolder Name="$STYLE$\Reports"/>
      <CreateFolder Name="$STYLE$\Messages"/>

    3. Save your changes.

The ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file is updated when a new version of I-Configure is installed (CreateTutorial.exe overwrites all tutorial project files). Creating the UserProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file prevents any changes you make from being lost.