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Displays the values that are currently defined for the selected attribute. Depending on the attribute and its current settings, you can modify many of the values in this dialog box to suit the requirements of your project. Configurable options include setting the default value and controlling how the value is set in the associated application. You can also access the Expression Builder from within the Attribute dialog box.

Display name

Specifies the attribute name as it displays in the application. For example, in Smart Isometrics and Spoolgen, this is typically the name that displays in the Properties window.

Allowable values

Sets the values that are available for you to select in the application. Enter each allowable value, delimited by a semicolon.

The allowable values that you specify in the Attribute dialog box display as selection list options in the associated application. An example of the allowable values that display in the Smart Isometrics Properties window for the pipeline Revision attribute is shown below.

Default value

Specifies the value that the application uses if you do not specify an alternative value within the application.

In the example, Default value is set to 0 for the Revision attribute (1). Consequently, 0 is the value that the application initially displays in the Properties window for the Revision attribute (2).

Default value works in conjunction with the Set value setting.

Make attribute visible

Controls whether the attribute is displayed within the application. To display the attribute, select the check box. Clear the check box to hide it.

Allow edits

Controls whether you can modify the attribute in the application. To allow edits, select the check box. Clear the check box to suppress editing.

Evaluate expression

Indicates whether the attribute contains an expression. For more information about attribute expressions, see Attribute Expressions in Project Defaults and Attributes.


Opens the Build Expression dialog box so you can use the Expression Builder to create and test the attribute expression. This option is available only when Evaluate expression is also selected.

You can type an attribute expression directly in the Default value box instead of using the Expression Builder.


Specifies the type of units that are used, such as inches, millimeters, or kilograms. This option is available only for attributes that contain a measurement or weight.

Set value

Controls how the value is set.

  • Isogen - No Default value is defined. You cannot modify the attribute.

  • Isogen then Default - The application uses the value defined in the Isogen input file. If no value is set, the application uses the Default value setting.

  • Default - The application sets the value to what is defined by the Default value setting.

Isogen attribute

Specifies which Isogen attribute the application uses. This option is available only for user-specified attributes (ATTRIBUTE1 to ATTRIBUTE199). For system attributes, this option is read-only.

  • Attributes 1 to 99 map to Isogen -601 to -699. For example, ATTRIBUTE95 maps to Isogen -695.

  • Attributes 100 to 199 map to Isogen attribute -900 to -999. For example, ATTRIBUTE101 maps to Isogen attribute -901.

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