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Sets options for a new isometric project.

  • If you are creating a new IsogenDB project, see New Project view in Isogen Database Project Manager window.

  • The IsogenDB project in I-Configure is synonymous with the SpoolgenDB project in Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics.

Current isometric directory

Displays the name of the current isometric directory. This setting is read only.

New project name

Type the name of the new isometric project.


Select the name of the application with which the new isometric project is to be used.

Available styles

Lists the isometric drawing styles that are currently available. By default, all drawing styles that are suitable for use with the selected application are shown as selected. If a style is not needed, clear its check box so that it is excluded when the isometric project is created.


Indicates whether the isometric drawing style is Optional or Mandatory. Use the check boxes to select or clear an isometric drawing style from the isometric project.


Displays the name of the isometric drawing style.


Displays the name of the template XML file on which the drawing style is based.


Creates the isometric project using the settings that you have defined.


Closes the dialog box without creating the isometric project.

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