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Sets options for importing isometric projects into I-Configure.

Import settings from

Specifies the isometric project settings to be imported. In the Files of type list, select the file type to be imported. Support file types are listed below.

Project Type

File Type



Spoolgen 4




The import options listed below only display after you have specified the project settings to be imported.

New project name

Type a name for the isometric project. This is what displays in the Project View panel.

Preserve all current style control files and mark as Never Export

This option is available only when you import a PipMan or Spoolgen 4 project.

Import Project settings only

Imports only the isometric project settings, which includes the isometric drawing style XML files. However, previously generated drawing and report files are excluded from the import. This option is available only when you import an I-Configure-based isometric project.