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New isometric drawing styles are based on one of the templates that are delivered with I-Configure.

  1. Create a new isometric directory and project. For more information, see Create a new isometric directory and Create a new project.


    Select an existing isometric project in the Project View panel.

  2. Click New Style .

    The New Style dialog box displays.

  3. Select the product to which the isometric drawing style applies in the Application list.

    The software displays all the template styles that are available for the selected product.

  4. Clear the check boxes of the XML style templates to be excluded in the new file, and ensure any required XML style template is selected.

  5. Double-click the Name box of the selected isometric drawing style, highlight the existing style name, and then type the new style name.

  6. Click OK.

    The new isometric drawing style is displayed under the selected isometric project in the Project View panel.

  • You can edit the properties of the new style as needed. For more information, see the Edit isometric drawing properties.

  • If you leave all style templates checked, and click OK, any existing styles with the same name under the selected project are duplicated, and _1 is appended to the style name. For example, Final-Basic becomes Final-Basic_1.

  • Before an isometric style can be used, it must first be exported. When you export a style, a variety of control files that Isogen requires to process isometric drawings and reports, such as *.opl, *.pos, *.alt, or *.fls files, are created based on the settings made for the style. For more information, see Export isometric drawing style settings.

  • You can also create styles when a new project is created.