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  1. Select a project in the Project View panel, and then click Tools > Project Access Rights.

    The Project Access Rights dialog box displays.

  2. Set the access rights for the selected project.

  3. If needed, type a password.

    To avoid situations where the isometric project cannot be modified, such as when the password is forgotten, ensure that you make a note of the password used for each project. It is the responsibility of each individual or Project Administrator to ensure that any password protection used to secure projects or styles against unwanted modification are backed up or made note of in accordance with the data loss prevention and protection policy of your company.

  4. Click OK.

  • After a password is set, the access rights cannot be changed unless the correct password is entered.

  • If the access rights are set to Write, everyone working in the isometric project is allowed to save changes to the associated drawing styles and export the isometric drawing style settings. If set to Read Only, everyone working in the project can make changes, but the changes cannot be saved or exported.

  • When you set project access rights to Write using a valid password, any existing password is cleared.