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Displays an XML-formatted text string, which defines the rules for Isogen to allow for weld gaps, weld shrinkage, connection gaps, and connection insertion lengths, when dimensioning and adjusting cut piece lengths.

  • Initially the WeldGaps property value is empty. To populate, double-click the property value box, and then click File > Update in the WeldGaps window.


  • If any data is present in the WeldGaps property, you can select Use Weld Gap Data in Isogen Configuration so that data is written to the Isogen welding definition (WDF) file.

  • When you import an isometric style, if the welding definition file contains a WELD-GAPS entry, you must set WeldGaps to True in I-Configure. You must also select Cut Pieces.Cut Length Calculations.Data.Use Weld Gap Data in Isogen Configuration.

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