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Displays an XML-format text string. This property defines the rules for the following:

  • Conversion of elbows to pulled bends.

  • Cut length adjustments that Isogen makes to the length of cut pieces to allow for extra lengths of pipe to satisfy the requirements of bending machines.

If any data is present in the ElbowConversion property, it is used for converting elbows to bends. Also, if data is present, then all styles that output cut list information must have Use Tangent Data enabled to make sure that the cut list values are correct.

  • To set Use Tangent Data, open Isogen Configuration, and then navigate to Cut Pieces.Cut Length Calculations.Data.

  • Initially, the ElbowConversion property value is empty. Double-click the property value box, and then click File > Update in the ElbowConversion window.


  • When you import an isometric style, if the data definition (DDF) file contains a STANDARD-BEND-LENGTHS entry, you must set ElbowConversion set to True in I-Configure. You must also select Use Tangent Data in Isogen Configuration. The example below shows a section of a DDF file with a STANDARD-BEND-LENGTHS entry.

<CHANGE ComponentType="Elbow-90" EndPrep="BW" MIN="0" MAX="8" DEFAULT- RADIUS="ACTUAL">
<CHANGE ComponentType="Elbow-90" EndPrep="SW" MIN="0" MAX="8" DEFAULT-RADIUS="1.5D">
<CONVERT-ADJACENT ComponentType="FixedPipe" SKEY="FPPL"/>
<NS MIN="0" MAX="0.5" TANGENT="170" ADJACENT="250" SINGLE-ADD-ON="40"/>
<NS MIN="0.75" MAX="0.75" TANGENT="180" ADJACENT="270" SINGLE-ADD-ON="40"/>
<NS MIN="1" MAX="1" TANGENT="190" ADJACENT="300" SINGLE-ADD-ON="50"/>
<NS MIN="1.5" MAX="1.5" TANGENT="235" ADJACENT="375" SINGLE-ADD-ON="60"/>
<NS MIN="2" MAX="2" TANGENT="255" ADJACENT="400" SINGLE-ADD-ON="60"/>
<NS MIN="2.5" MAX="2.5" TANGENT="280" ADJACENT="470" SINGLE-ADD-ON="60"/>
<NS MIN="3" MAX="3" TANGENT="315" ADJACENT="500" SINGLE-ADD-ON="75"/>
<NS MIN="4" MAX="4" TANGENT="350" ADJACENT="580" SINGLE-ADD-ON="75"/>
<NS MIN="6" MAX="6" TANGENT="425" ADJACENT="670" SINGLE-ADD-ON="75"/>
<NS MIN="8" MAX="8" TANGENT="500" ADJACENT="800" SINGLE-ADD-ON="75"/>