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Enables you to define or edit project settings for an IsogenDB project or for a SpoolgeDB project. The options that display in this window depend on whether you are creating a new project (New Project view) or modifying the settings for an existing project (Edit Project view).

  • IsogenDB and SpoolgenDB projects rely on a relational database back-end and require access to a SQL database. Currently, only Intergraph Spoolgen and Intergraph Smart Isometrics support using these types of projects.

  • IsogenDB and SpooglenDB projects have a specific recommended machine configuration. See the Spoolgen Web API Installation Guide delivered on the Spoolgen Web API product media.

New Project view

Sets options for the new IsogenDB or SpoolgenDB project.


Specifies the path to the database. Type the URL in the box, or select a previously defined URL from the list, if any exist. The software attempts to establish a connection to the database. If the path is valid, the software displays a beside the URL box. If a connection cannot be established, the software displays a .


Specifies a name for the project.


Provides an optional description for the project.

Project ID Type

Indicates what the project uses to reference pipeline files. Select Pipeline Reference, File Name, or Reference and File Name.


The software closes the dialog box, creates the new project, and adds the project details to the database.


Closes the dialog box without creating the project.

Edit Project view

Enables you to edit project settings for the selected project. All fields are editable.


Displays the path to the database.


Displays the name of the selected project, appended with the system-generated ID. Use the drop-down list to link to a different project within the database. Projects are listed alphabetically.

The software generates the ID when the project is first created. The software uses this value to link the project to the database.


Switches to the New Project view so that you can create a new IsogenDB or SpoolgenDB project.


Displays the project name.


Displays a description for the project, if one exists.

Project ID Type

Indicates what the project uses to reference pipeline files.


Applies your changes and closes the dialog box.


Closes the dialog box without making any changes to the selected project.

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