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You can import an existing PipMan, Spoolgen 4, or I-Configure-based projects into I-Configure. You can also import an I-Configure XML backup file. When you import an I-Configure project from backup, you restore a previously backed up version of an isometric project, including any external data referenced in the project. This includes all project level files, such as the Spoolgen workflow database and any Smart Isometrics piping object data (.pod) files. This feature is useful for moving projects and styles from one location to another. After the import is complete, the imported project displays in the Project View panel. You can edit an imported project and modify its properties in the same manner as with an isometric project that you create using I-Configure.

PipMan and Spoolgen 4 projects must be imported into I-Configure before they can be used with any other product that uses I-Configure to create and manage projects and styles.

Import of isometric project and isometric drawing style settings is intelligent. If an isometric project folder is replicated, meaning that there is a common structure apart from the drive, then the software modifies the path in the needed style (.opt or .fls file) so that it points to the referenced file in its new location. For example, if you copy a project folder from G:\M5000 to C:\Users\Data\CompanyName\MP4000, the software identifies the common root as MP4000. Any file referenced from an .OPT file in this path will have its path modified. Using the previous example, the software modifies the G:\MP4000\Data\CPT.fdf file to the C:\Users\Data\CompanyName\MP4000\Data\CPT.fdf file, presuming that this file exists.

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