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I-Configure stores configuration information in the XML files listed below.

Although you can view configuration files using Internet Explorer, you must not modify their contents.

Create Tutorial Configuration file

The CreateTutorial_<application name>.xml file controls the creation of the tutorial project. Each product installs its own version of this file.

This configuration file uses the same syntax as the ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file but also supports the setting of project defaults to specific values.

Isometric Directory List file

The IsoDirList.xml file contains the list of isometric directories set-up on the current machine. I-Configure creates this configuration file: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Alias.

  • Windows 2000, XP, 7 - ALLUSERSPROFILE = Documents and Settings\All Users

  • Windows NT - ALLUSERSPROFILE = WINNT\Profiles\All Users

Project Data Configuration file

The Project_Data.xml file stores application-specific project defaults and other project level data. For example, in the file name P1000_Data.xml, P1000 is the name of the project. Each project folder contains a Project_Data.xml file.

Project Configuration file

The structure of I-Configure projects is controlled by the ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file configuration file. This configuration files is application-specific. For example, there is a file called ProjectConfig_Spoolgen.xml that defines SmartPlant Spoolgen projects and another called ProjectConfig_SPIsometrics.xml for SmartPlant Isometrics projects. In a default installation, the ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file is delivered to <Installation Folder>:\Program Files\Common Files\Intergraph\I-Configure\Application Data folder.

Although projects are application-specific, they can be enabled for multiple applications from the same source. The project configuration file defines:

  • Any data files that must be copied to the project (or isometric style).

  • Any folders that must be created.

  • Any mandatory isometric styles that must be created. For example, SmartPlant Spoolgen must have an isometric style called SGImport and one called Spool.

  • Any application-specific project defaults.

When you create a new isometric project, you must use the Application list to specify the associated application. The software displays a list of supported applications in the Application list on the New Project dialog box, depending on what products are installed. For more information, see Isometric Projects.

User-specified ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file

If the software finds a file with the name UserProjectConfig_<application name>.xml in the same folder as the supplied ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file, it uses that file to define the project structure, isometric style content, and so on. This allows you to create a customized project configuration that is not overwritten by the next installation of I-Configure. For example, if the UserProjectConfig_SPIsometrics.xml file and the ProjectConfig_SPIsometrics.xml file are found in the same folder, the software uses the former XML configuration file when you set-up a new project.

Initial Settings

The syntax in ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file enables you to specify an initial setting (in the form of an XML file) for any property using the following syntax:

<SetProjectProperties PROPERTY='FILENAME' />

Consider the following example:

    WeldGaps='$APPCONFIG$\Application Data\WeldGaps_Template.xml'
    ElbowConversion='$APPCONFIG$\Application Data\ElbowConversion_Template.xml'/>

I-Configure then loads the specified property with the contents of the specified file.

For information about creating a custom ProjectConfig_<application name>.xml file, see Create a user template.

Project List file

Each isometric folder contains a ProjectList.xml file, which contains a list of projects and styles.

Project Pipeline Configuration file

The ProjectPipeline.xml file is an application-specific configuration file that can be present in the project folder. The ProjectPipeline.xml file contains the user-specified extensions to pipeline, component, weld and bolt attributes that have been defined for the project.

Style Configuration file

Each isometric style folder contains a <Style Name>.xml file, such as Final-Basic.xml or Check.xml, which is used to store style configuration data for that isometric drawing style. To help you get started with I-Configure, a set of template styles is delivered with the software. However, before an isometric style can be used by an application, it must first be exported.

  • If you have not already exported the isometric style, the application can perform this step for itself.

  • For a list of the template drawing styles delivered with the software, see Isometric Drawing Styles.

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