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Provides options for specifying a new name for a copied project. For an IsogenDB project, you can include or exclude the connection data of the source project.

Source project

Displays the name of the project that you are copying.

New project name

Specifies a name for the copied project. This setting is optional. If you do not specify a new name, the software names the project Project_n, where Project is the name of the source project and n indicates the copy number, as in PipingProj_1, PipingProj_2, and so on.

Include Isogen database connection data

Specifies whether the software saves the API URL and API Project ID settings of the source project for the copied project. By default, the software clears both project settings so that you can specify new values. Select this option to keep the settings. This option displays only when you are copying and pasting an IsogenDB project.

The IsogenDB project in I-Configure is synonymous with the SpoolgenDB project in Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics.