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  1. Open the I-Configure software, and select an IsogenDB project or a SpoolgenDB project in the Project View panel.

  2. Click Project Defaults to display the Project Defaults dialog box.

  3. On the Project Defaults tab, click the current Project ID Type, API Url, or API Project ID setting.

  4. Click the that displays in the Value box to display the Isogen Database Project Manager - Edit Project window. If prompted, sign in to your Web API.

  5. Use the options in the window to edit the settings as needed. For example, you can use the Project list to link to a different project in the database. You can also change the project name and description or set a different method for what the project uses to reference pipeline files.

  6. Click OK to apply your changes.

Clicking New switches the window to the Isogen Database Project Manager - New Project view, so that you can create a new IsogenDB or SpoolgenDB project.