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The tasks listed below are often used when working with I-Configure:

Configure Project Defaults and Attributes

Project defaults are application-specific properties. However, attributes are the same regardless of the associated application. For more information, see Project Defaults and Attributes.

Some applications do not support the ability to configure project defaults. For more information, contact Customer Support.

Create Isometric Directories

The isometric directory is a container for projects. Typically, a single isometric directory contains multiple projects. It can be located anywhere, including a network drive. See Create a new isometric directory and Connect to an isometric directory.

Create Isometric Projects

The isometric drawing styles used by Isogen to create specific types of drawings are contained within projects. You can create a stand-alone isometric project that supports only a single user or an isometric project that exists in a network configuration that can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. See Create a new isometric project and Set up a project on a network server.

If you are using Intergraph Smart Isometrics or Intergraph Spoolgen, you can create a project that is integrated with a SQL database. See Create a new IsogenDB project.

Import Data from External Sources

You can import isometric projects from several external sources. When you import an isometric project, it is shown immediately in the project view panel. For more information, see Import Isometric Projects.

Backup Isometric Project Data

You can save an isometric project and its associated references to external files in a single folder. In addition, you can also choose to include any existing output files such as drawings and reports, in the backup. For more information, see Backup Isometric Projects.

Create Isometric Styles

You can add a new isometric drawing style that is based on any one of the template files that are delivered with the product. For more information, see Create a new isometric drawing style.

Import Data from External Sources

You can import drawing styles into an isometric project from several external sources. When you import an isometric drawing style, it is shown immediately in the Project View panel. For more information, see Import and Export Isometric Drawing Style Settings.

Develop the Look and Feel of Drawings

You can change the look and feel of an isometric drawing by changing the isometric drawing style properties using Isogen Configuration. A drawing style property can specify anything from drawing content to the system controls for output definition. For more information, see Edit isometric drawing properties.