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  1. Open the Project Defaults dialog box, and then select the Attributes tab.

  2. Double-click the attribute to configure.

    The Attribute dialog box displays.

  3. Select Evaluate expression on the Attribute dialog box, and then click Build.

    The Build Expression dialog box displays.

  4. To add an attribute reference, double-click the attribute in the Attributes list.

    The attribute is inserted in the Expression edit box. In the example below, Pipeline Reference is added.

  5. To add a function reference, double-click the function in the Functions list.

    The function is inserted in the Expression edit box at the cursor position.

  6. To test the expression, type a value for the referenced expression in the Attributes grid, and then click Test. For example, if Pipeline Reference is your attribute reference, you can type CS150 in the Value box.

    The software evaluates the expression using the values you entered and displays the results in the Result box. If the expression cannot be evaluated, the Result box displays an error message that indicates the cause.

In the example above, the Expression Builder is unable to successfully evaluate the expression because of the errors listed below.

  • The right parenthesis on the Left function must be placed after the $PIPELINE-REFERENCE$.

  • The Left function needs a parameter specifying how many characters to extract from the left most end of the string.

  • The $PIPELINE-REFERENCE$ must be enclosed in quotes.

  • When you correct the syntax, as shown in the example below, and re-run Expression Builder the result is C, the left-most character from the string CS150.

  • The Attribute Editor control (AttributeEditor.ocx, 1.4 or later) supports the editing of expressions (using the Expression Builder defined in the previous section). Clicking an attribute that contains an expression displays the standard edit button (Browse Arrow):

    When you click Edit Browse Arrow, the software displays the Expression Builder. The dialog box is populated with current values of the attributes. Operation of the dialog box is the same as described in the previous sections.

  • Editing an expression in Intergraph Spoolgen only affects the current POD file. In order to change the expression for all future POD files in the project, the expression must be changed in I-Configure project defaults as previously described.

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