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Hot Fix and Service Pack Updates

  • Added information about creating a new SpoolgenDB project and editing SpoolgenDB-specific project defaults. See Create a new IsogenDB or SpoolgenDB project and Edit IsogenDB or SpoolgeDB project settings. (P3 AL:21068)

  • The display names for Isogen API URL and Isogen API Project ID have been changed to API URL and API Project ID, respectively. See Appendix: Project Defaults. (P2 AL:20189)

  • Fourteen additional attribute groupings have been added to the Context list on the Attributes tab (Project Defaults dialog box). In previous versions of the software, the attribute groups were limited to Pipeline, Component, Bold, Weld, Spool, and Material. The new attribute groupings enable you to manage attributes that have a specific context, such as gasket- or flange-specific attributes, or attributes that belong to an information element, like Thickness Measurement Location. See Attributes tab and Appendix: Attribute Groupings. (P2 AL:13673)

  • The attribute management enhancements listed below have been implemented. (P2 AL:17197)

    • Quickly toggle Visible and Editable properties on the Attributes tab (Project Defaults dialog box). For more information, see Attributes tab.

    • The Attributes grid supports multi-select using SHIFT + Click.

    • Because all attributes are now created automatically, adding and deleting attributes is no longer a requirement. The Help documentation has been updated to reflect this.

  • The software supports a new project type called IsogenDB. See Create an IsogenDB project. (P2 AL:17849)

  • A new I-Configure project default (User Windows Authentication) controls whether Smart Isometrics or Spoolgen requires your Integrated Windows Authentication login when connecting to the database for IsogenDB and SpoolgenDB projects. See Appendix: Project Defaults. (P2 AL:18611)

  • You can preserve Isogen database connection data when copying and pasting an IsogenDB project or when restoring an IsogenDB project from backup. See Copy and paste a project and Import an isometric project from backup. (P3 AL:18127)

  • Added information about editing project defaults for IsogenDB projects. See Edit IsogenDB project settings. (P3 AL:18424)

  • The project defaults that I-Configure currently supports have been moved to a stand-alone appendix. See Appendix: Project Defaults.

Version 2016 (6.0)