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I-Configure allows you to create and manage the isometric directories, projects, and styles that are used by 2D piping solutions and 3D plant design products to generate isometric drawings and reports using Isogen. Isogen is the industry-standard software for the automatic production of piping isometric drawings. It is integral to most of the major 2D piping solutions products and 3D plant design systems on the market and is used in most of the process plant projects involving the design of pipe work.

A significant factor in the success of Isogen is its broad range of configuration options. Virtually everything about the piping isometric drawing, from the dimensioning style and format of weld and part numbers to the location and layout of the material take-off, is configurable. This allows you to produce isometric drawings to your own specifications.

I-Configure includes the features listed below:

  • Support for projects and styles created in Project Manager (PipMan).

  • Quick access to a user-interface for configuring Isogen controls.

  • Connections to network projects.

  • Explorer-type windows to navigate available projects and styles.

  • XML files for storage of project and drawing style information.

  • Password protection to avoid unauthorized alterations to projects and styles.

Isogen Configuration

Isogen Configuration controls all the options related to the appearance and information content of the isometric drawings and reports output by Isogen. Isogen Configuration delivers a single, streamlined interface for setting isometric drawing style properties and defining report content. Using Isogen Configuration helps simplify the customization of the piping isometric drawings and reports produced by Isogen. Any modifications that you make can then be saved to the style XML file for future use. For more information, see Isometric Drawing Properties in Isometric Drawing Styles.

For isometric drawing generation, you can choose from hundreds of properties to set, some of which must be set in combination with other properties. To assist you in doing this, Isogen Configuration provides two tools that guide you through setting particular sets of related properties and output data: the Drawing Setup Tool and the Detail Sketch Manager.

  • Drawing Setup Tool helps you configure the drawing template. This is usually a company standard backing sheet on which Isogen plots the drawing and related data such as the material take-off, welding report, and project-related data. The setup tool has a graphical interface, overlaying the location of key items onto the backing sheet.

  • Detail Sketch Manager helps you configure detail sketches for isometric drawing output. It allows you to place parameters on the selected detail sketch so that correct relevant values, such as weld numbers, part number, and angles, are displayed on the isometric drawing.

For more information, see Drawing Configuration Tools in the Isogen Configuration help.

Sample Project Data

Any product that uses I-Configure supports the installation of a sample Tutorial project that you can use to help you get started with the software. The Create Tutorial Project utility creates a properly configured project structure that includes a sample isometric directory (SampleIsoDir) and a sample project (Tutorial). By default, the sample project contains a complete set of sample isometric drawing styles that are used to determine the content and appearance of the isometric drawing, as well as sample material data and sample piping specifications. If you alter the sample Tutorial project in any way, you can use the Create Tutorial Project utility to restore its out-of-the-box default settings.

Do not use the Tutorial project as a basis for production work. Subsequent installations of the same application overwrite the Tutorial project. As such, if you make changes to the Tutorial project that you need to keep, rename the SampleIsoDir folder or the project before re-installing any software that installs and runs the Create Tutorial Project utility (CreateTutorial.exe) as part of its installation, or before running Create Tutorial Project from the Start menu.