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  1. Create a new isometric directory.

  2. Create a new project and its associated drawing styles.

    To avoid file conflict errors, we recommend that you change the message file output path for each isometric drawing style in the project configuration so that the file is written locally. When users attempt to use the same style concurrently. Isogen outputs the message file it creates to this local folder instead of to the same folder on the network server.

  3. Use Windows Explorer to create a local message file path, such as C:\TEMP, if one does not exist.

  4. Open Isogen Configuration for each isometric drawing style in the project and specify the local message file path. Use an appropriate filename for the message file, such as Spool.mes for the Spool style.

    • Using the %STYLE$ syntax in the Report Location box automatically directs Isogen to the style folder.

    • For more information, see Specify the report output location in the Isogen Configuration Help.

  5. Configure the drive on which the isometric directory and isometric project to be connected to reside so that it is shared, and set the permissions for the share.