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You are not limited to using only the style XML templates that are delivered with the software. I-Configure allows you to import isometric drawing styles into an isometric project from the sources listed below.

  • I-Configure XML style file

  • Personal Isogen FLS file

  • Spoolgen® OPT file

  • PDS® Isogen DEF file

  • Alias IDF file

  • I-Configure XML backup file

When you import an I-Configure XML backup file, you are restoring a previously backed up version of an isometric drawing style's settings, including any external data referenced in the project. This feature is useful for situations you are moving projects and styles from one location to another.

You can also import isometric drawing style fragments into the current style. A style fragment is contained in an XML file that specifies a set of properties you can set or a set.

Before an isometric drawing style can be used, it must first be exported. When you export a drawing style, a variety of control files that Isogen requires to process isometric drawings and reports (*.opl, *.pos, *.alt, *.fls files), are created based on the settings made for the style.

Import Style dialog box

Import Style from Backup dialog box

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