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To create a new IsogenDB project, see Create a new IsogenDB project.

  1. Select an isometric directory in the Project View panel.

  2. Click New Project to open the New Project dialog box.

  3. Type a name for the new project in the New Project Name box.

  4. In the Application list, select the name of the application with which the new project will be enabled. For example, select Spoolgen if you are creating a legacy Spoolgen project.

  5. Use the Available Styles list to select the drawing styles to include with the project. By default, any drawing style that is suitable for use with the selected project type is selected. To exclude a style, clear its check box.

    SHARED Tip For a Smart Isometrics project, the SPIImport style is mandatory. For a Spoolgen project, the SGImport style is mandatory.

  6. Click OK to create the new project and the specified styles. When processing completes, the software displays the project in the Project View panel..

When you create a project for Spoolgen, the software opens the Initialise Project Attributes dialog box before project creation so that you can select a value for Project ID Type. The Project ID Type indicates what the project uses to reference pipeline files. You can select Pipeline Reference, File Name, or Reference and File Name. The default setting is Pipeline Reference.