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The 3D File Service provides access to data associated to 3D graphics from .binz files created by Intergraph SmartĀ® Interop Publisher. Viewing applications use the 3D File Service to retrieve the spatial range, graphics ID, and the database ID of each graphic object in the .binz file. It also can provide the same information for objects that are inside and overlapping a spatial volume defined by viewing application users. The 3D File Service is a component of VDS.

You can modify the settings in this file using the VDS Configuration Utility. We recommend that you do not manually edit this configuration file. However, if you choose to edit the file, make a backup of it before you begin.


The 3D File Service looks for the application settings (appsettings.json) delivered in the installation path. These settings include configuration for security, messaging service, telemetry, and so forth.


Access token issuer address. Do not change this setting if it was deployed behind the Visualization Edge Gateway.


Service unique identifier/resource identifier/audience identifier from the authorization server. Do not change this setting if it was deployed behind the Visualization Edge Gateway.


The list of origins that are allowed access to the resource.


Indicates (true/false) whether the resource supports user credentials in the request. This setting is typically true for a secured environment.

Base URL

  • https://server.domain.com/3dfilesrv/v1

  • https://server.domain.com/vds/3dfilesrv/v1 (if deployed behind the Visualization Edge Gateway)