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The settings in the 3D Graphics Data Service (3D GDS) configuration file, himalaya.json, control site connection and run the modules that make up the service.

The settings in this configuration file can be modified using the VDS Configuration Utility. We recommend that you do not manually edit this configuration file. However, if you choose to edit the file, make a backup of it before you begin.

Although the installation of a newer version of the service does not overwrite the configuration file, the himalaya.sample.json settings file is always overwritten with the latest seed settings file. It can be compared to the settings file for newer entries.

At startup, the 3D GDS service looks for a configuration file in the following order:

  1. Command line

  2. %PROGRAMDATA%\ HxGN 3D Graphic Data Service\Settings\himalaya.localhost.json

  3. %PROGRAMDATA%\ HxGN 3D Graphic Data Service\Settings\himalaya.json

If none of these files exist, then himalaya.json exits after displaying an error message.

The settings in this configuration file are divided into the following main sections: