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This section contains the information required to run the modules used for processing graphics from the database. After the graphics are run through all modules, the results are then stored in the world cache for inclusion in graphic trees and batches.

Considerations and Cautions

  • We recommend that you modify these settings if you understand each module.

  • The modules are run in the order they display in the 3D GDS configuration file. Because some modules depend on the results of a previous one, do not change the order. Each module entry has five settings.

  • For modules that write data to disk, each graphic is in a separate file with a name based on the graphics OID.

  • For the world cache to be properly filled with graphics that can be used for generating trees for display, the modules must be run in the order that they are listed.


Specifies the factory name for the module.


Indicates whether the module should be included in the run of the graphics from the database.


Indicates whether the module can be run multithreaded. There are some modules developed for testing that cannot be run multithreaded.


Provides a brief description of what the module does.


Specifies custom settings for the module.