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This section contains the information required to run the web render display service.


Specifies the number of temporary threads to use when processing graphics from the database. This is generally set to the number of system CPUs.


Specifies the number of permanent threads to use when generating graphic tree structures. Specifically, the number of trees that can be generated simultaneously.


Controls how soon the latest graphics for a workspace query that has been previously displayed or refreshed from the VDS 3D GDS can be seen. The 3D GDS Service provides graphics that are updated continuously by the applications that can change the 3D model.

  • The treeLifespan setting is applied to all sites and their plants where the graphics are provided by the VDS 3D Graphics Data Service from the same physical Server

  • The treeLifespan begins each time a tree is created or has finished updating.

  • The treeLifespan setting value is in seconds. (Examples: 120 = 2 minutes, 3600 = 1 hour)

  • The treeLifespan, when set appropriately, can improve performance by preventing the re-running of the workspace query that creates the tree for every user who is requesting the exact same graphics.

Too short of a treeLifespan can reduce performance for users requesting graphics (or a "refresh") to see graphics changes. This is because the user waits for the workspace query to be re-executed even if there were no changes.

Too long of a treeLifespan can also impact the users ability to see the latest changes to the graphics, because the workspace query is "not re-executed" to display the graphic changes until after the treeLifespan expires.


Caches the contents of the world cache and the material cache to disk. If the service is restarted for any reason, the cache files on disk will be read for a faster start time. This only has a noticeable difference when dealing with very large plants.


Defines how often the service checks the database for any graphics changes and updates the world cache.


Defines the material for any graphics where the material is missing.


Writes, if specified, a copy of the tree and batch to this location.


Defines modules to be used for processing graphics from the database.