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Follow the steps below to update the VDS server(s) when a new VDS release is available. This procedure applies to both the VDS Web Servers and the VDS Application Server, and if they are hosted on separate servers, it should be performed on each server.

  1. Back up all files located in the installed %PROGRAMDATA%\HxGN folders (example: the HxGN 2D Graphic Data Service and HxGN 3D File Service folders).

  2. Uninstall the current version of HxGN VDS on your server.

  3. Install the new version of HxGN VDS.

  4. Update each VDS server with the latest changes by running the VDS Configuration Utility, and then clicking Save & Configure. You can click this button from any page in the utility.

    The above commands do not overwrite your existing configuration files. Although it is not recommended, you can browse the himalaya.sample.json and WebAPISettings.sample.json Configuration Files delivered in the %PROGRAMDATA%\HxGN 3D Graphic Data Service\Settings folder, and manually update your existing configuration files as required.