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Use the VDS Configuration Utility to configure and customize both the VDS Web Server and VDS Application Server to your environment. To open the utility, select Start menu > Visualization Data Service > VDS Configuration Utility.

The settings in the utility are organized into the following pages:

  • Security Settings - Provides the CORS, Authentication, and HTTPS connection and certificate settings.

  • Broker Settings - Provides the RabbitMQ settings to control communication between VDS and RabbitMQ.

  • Service Settings - Provides the VDS Application Server settings to define your sites and plants within the sites.

  • You must have administrator privileges on the computer(s) in which VDS is installed. Use the Run as Administrator option when opening the VDS Configuration Utility.

  • Be aware that the Save & Configure command stops all services, and then creates and restarts the virtual directories and application pools with the updated settings. If you don't need to stop services, wait until you complete all your edits before selecting Save & Configure.