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  1. Log on to your authorization server and create a user that will represent the VDS Application Server:

    1. Connect to the authorization server

    2. Add a user.

      Make a note of this user name so that you can configure the Impersonating User.

    3. Give this user access to the Smart API created as part of the VDS Web Server setup.

  2. Register VDS as a new Smart Client in Smart API Manager using the following information:



    Client ID

    Enter the ID for the VDS Application Server

    Authorization Flow

    Client Credentials

    Impersonating User

    Enter the added user name from above.

    Client Secret

    Copy the auto-generated value and store for use later

    If you do not keep a copy of the secret now, there is no way to retrieve it later. If you forget this one, to change it later you will need to generate a new secret and update all of your systems with it.

  3. Note the Client ID and Client Secret for entry in the VDS Configuration Utility.

For detailed installation and setup information for SAM, see Installing Smart API Manager and Configuring Smart API Manager.