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The VDS Web Server manages the communication between the VDS Application Server and the client applications that stream graphics. Components installed with the VDS Web Server include:

  • HxGN 2D Graphic Data Service

  • HxGN 3D File Service

  • HxGN 3D Graphic Data Service Web API

  • HxGN Visualization Edge Gateway Service

  • HxGN VDS Configuration Utility

  • HxGN Visualization Diagnostic Utility

The VDS Web Server can also be used without the VDS Application Server to display file-based graphics for integrated client applications.

VDS Web Server Setup Work Process Diagram

Configuration Workflow

The processes below show the recommended steps for setting up your VDS Web Server. Make sure you have installed RabbitMQ. See Install RabbitMQ.

  1. Enable SSL and VDS

  2. Install VDS Software Prerequisites

  3. Open secure ports in the Windows firewall

  4. Install VDS

  5. Configure Security Settings for the VDS Web Server

  6. Configure the VDS Web Server for message queue management

  7. Add MIME Types for Access

  8. Configure the VDS Web Server authorization

  9. If your VDS solution does not include the VDS Application Server, see Additional Configuration.