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The GatewayService.json file provides configuration paths and logging information for the Visualization Edge Gateway Service. By default, it contains the keys listed below.


Specifies the file path at which the Visualization Gateway Service yaml configuration file can be found.


Specifies the log file containing information from the Visualization Edge Gateway Service.


Specifies the severity of the messages that are recorded in the log file. The following values can be supplied as parameters to logLevel:

  • None - No messages can be logged

  • Critical - Unrecoverable application errors

  • Error - Current flow of execution is stopped due to a failure

  • Warning - Abnormal or unexpected event in the application flow

  • Information - Record of the general application flow

  • Debug - Interactive investigation during development

Code Example:

Make sure that backslashes are escaped with a preceding backslash, as shown in the above example.